Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Seizing the moment

It has been cold, wet and miserable since Monday. Temperatures have risen and the snow that fell on Monday and yesterday has turned to mush at our level (800m). More rain is forecast tonight and through until the weekend. However, just before lunch today, the clouds cleared and there was the sun again in a clear blue sky. We had to get out! Time was short so we popped up the road to the Col de Port, donned our snowshoes and headed up the zig zags to the ridge and then on up to the Pech de Therme (1629m), a total of around 450m of ascent. The whole of the ridge at the top had been scoured of snow by the strong gusts of wind of the past couple of daysand this was even more evident as we looked from the top of Pech des Thermes towards the Rocher de BatailEven Pic de la Journalde and Trois Seigneurs were looking a tad bareAs we looked towards the high mountains, we could see tonight's weather starting to buildSo it had been good to make the most of the spectacularly beautiful but brief weather window while it lasted

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