Monday, 21 December 2009

Temps rising

Thank goodness, this morning, the weather station indicated a rather more amenable 3 degrees, a welcome increase on the bitterly cold minus temperatures of the weekend. The temperature change is all the more welcome, seeing as we have been without the woodburner since Saturday afternoon when the glass door got broken as we attempted to push it shut with a large log inside - doh! The petrol heater has only just been successful in keeping the chill at bay downstairs over the weekend, but upstairs it has dipped to 6 degrees which is just a tad parky! I will be collecting the repaired door from St G tomorrow afternoon and will be impatient to fire up the woodburner on my return. This afternoon, we reached double figures as a warmer front pushed in from the SW - wonderful! It does however mean that the last remnants of snow have melted and that rain will fall later in the week. It may not be a white Christmas here after all.

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