Friday, 18 December 2009


Yesterday, I headed down to St Girons for a doppler scan on the arterial blood flow to my kidneys (like you do). In and out within an hour with the results in my hand - you don't get that kind of service in the UK! But good news, all is functioning as it should. I had intended to go for a run on one of the signed VTT circuits down that way after my appointment, but the freezing fog was down, it was cold and thoroughly unpleasant so, after a brief shop which included a small Christmas tree, I headed home. There, I was greeted by clear blue skies! Typical.

Temperatures dipped to -6 Deg C on the sensor against the wall of the house last night which means at least -8 Deg C in the potager - thankfully I covered/protected anything that needed protection yesterday afternoon. Light, icey snow is falling this morning with the temperature still at -4. A big dump is looking unlikely as it is just too cold!

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