Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bodily stuff

My body is a temple. My body is a temple and I should treat it accordingly. I must worship it and accord it the respect that it deserves (am I on the right track here?!). I think I do a pretty good job really, generally, all things considered. Today was a case in point. I gave it a right good thrashing yesterday, pounding up the hill to the Cabane des roses and thoroughly deserved an earful today when I asked The Body to perform again on the Dalou trail race circuit. It cooperated on the first hill, pretty much, ish, but back down at road level, with the second hill looming before us, it overrode my admittedly weak demands to 'give it beans' and instead ensured that I slowed to a pace at which I could enjoy the spring sunshine and notice the woodland flowers instead of sweating like a donkey (what a gurl!) with my head down whilst punishing The Body... for what, exactly?! I got the message loud and clear. Time for some gentle stretching and self-massage to release tired and knotted muscles, time for some gentle runs over the coming week to keep the legs turning over and then hopefully, hopefully The Body will reward me for my dedication by a knockout performance at the Citadelles on the 4 April!

On another topic, I enjoyed a lovely lunch with Pat in Foix today - been ages since we saw each other for one reason or another - but we are both suitably inspired for some hardcore mountain bike and adventure race action this autum. Bring it on!

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