Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Peak running

My run this afternoon was one of those that just makes you feel 'YES!' The training is paying off and the good conditions underfoot enabled me to do a PB on the Whitescar, Froggat, Curbar, Baslow Edge 14km circuit of 1 hr 30 mins. I knocked 6 minutes off my last recorded run around this particular circuit which was in 2006 when I considered myself pretty fit. Today, I finished the undulating circuit feeling strong and could have carried on. I had no aches or pains, no discomfort, despite having pushed hard, so time to crank up the distance with hopefully a longer run either tomorrow or Friday before we leave the Peak District on Saturday.


Douglas Griffin said...

Good effort, Penny! :-)

penny said...

Taa Doug! I am chuffed to bits! It's about time I really started to feel good about my running and feel like I am making progress. Need to keep the momentum going when I get back home next week.

Jo said...

good on ya!!! x