Sunday, 21 March 2010

Parma Ham

It's been 5 months since the boned ham started the curing process.... and nearly 4 months since it came out of the cure to start the air-drying process. It looks good, it smells good, would it taste good or would we die of botulism?! It was time to find out. The ham has lost over 30% of its weight in the drying process - on first impressions, the process has worked....
and my goodness, it does taste good!
Our first attempt at making our own ham has been a resounding success. But that's an awful lot of ham to get through. Any takers?!


kervéguen said...

That is fantastic. I could live off that for a year. It looks delicious.

Can you tell I'm inspired?!


penny said...

I am sure your plans for your piglets are forming nicely ;-)

I think we'll be living off ham for more than just a year, as we also have a full serrano bone-in ham that is currently drying nicely!!

Frenchholiday said...

Just seen this througu your Facebook post. i did a ham when we first came here. What an experience and well worth it, especially when one of our then new French friends tasted it and said it was really good. We had arrived!

We are now working up to do sausages for the first time, but cannot make up our minds if we need a stuffer!