Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Well, the weather has most definitely turned and I am hoping that, this week, we will see Winter's very final blast. The potager could really do with Spring's tender touch and (let's not beat around the bush), Winter can, well, go get bent, that's quite enough thank you!

So, with high winds, much colder temperatures and a gastric system that has been relatively normal (excessive wind aside) for the past 24 hrs, I took myself and the pooch up to Peguere for a trot around the 6km/200m of ascent Route Forestiere circuit to see how things felt following my tummy upset and general 'out-of-it-ness', and the answer turned out to be surprisingly good, much to my surprise and delight... the legs and lungs felt strong and I gained over 5 minutes on my last outing on this circuit, getting around the circuit in 38 minutes. One more run on Friday and I should be ready for the race on Sunday.

In the meantime, today's piccy of the Pic des Trois Seigneurs in stormy weather....and Massat in a brief sunny interlude....

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