Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Spring, training and sowing

It's been up to 20 degrees again today. Over the past week, the hedgerows and meadows have burst into life with a rainbow of spring colours pushing through the increasingly greener grass. Stichwort, periwinkle, viola, not to mention the beautiful dogs tooth violet that is asserting its authority over the dead bracken up towards the Port de LhersIt is now less than 2 weeks before the Trail des Citadelles and I am running out of time to do any meaningful training. But I did manage a 3.6km with 300m of ascent run this morning up to the Cabane des roses which took me 30 minutes. My heart rate monitor told me that I spent most of those 30 minutes in zones 4 and 5 which meant I was working hard, but everything felt good and hopefully the exertion will have done me some good. The snow up there is melting rapidly but the views are still stunningThis afternoon, I sowed French beans, Early Nantes carrots, spinach and some mixed salad leaves in the potager. A dip in temperature is forecast for this weekend, so I may have to put the cloche into service. More digging yet to do and compost to turn into the old soil from which I lifted the parsnips to ready it for future planting, but I am loving working in my potager again.

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