Thursday, 11 March 2010


I have covered quite a few kms over the past 2 weeks and pounded up numerous hills whilst absorbing the beauty of the Lake District and the Peak District but my poor little legs are tired now. I had planned a longer outing today but as I started the climb up to Lose Hill from Hope it was obvious it was not to be. 'Oi!', my body shrieked as I asked it to run up the incline, 'No Way! Nope! Not Today!' I didn't have any choice but to listen to it, so rather than treat the outing as a training run, I took it easy and just enjoyed being out in the lovely weather, taking in the views towards Edale ...and back towards Lose Hill from Mam TorThe reward for the slow, steady climb up to Mam Tor was a fun run back down along the edge, a fast scoot along the good paths below Lose Hill and a final spurt back to the car. It was a 10km outing with some steep ascents and I was out and back within 1 hr 30 mins. Tomorrow, a local walk possibly, before we leave the Peak District on Saturday morning to start our journey back to Pissou. I really hope I can keep up the running momentum when I return and that I will be on good form for the Trail des Citadelles in just over 3 weeks time.

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