Friday, 19 March 2010

On yer bike!

Another wonderfully warm day today - it was showing 23 degrees when we hopped into the car to head down to Foix after lunch. But I really mustn't get too excited as more snow is forecast towards the end of next week .... nooooo! I may just have to hold off sowing my carrots and beans in the potager for another couple of weeks. Anyhow, I digress. A short outing on the roadies this afternoon. Just short of 30kms from Dalou near Foix, to Saint Felix de Rieutort, along the valley where we battled a vicious and debilitating headwind before turning off towards the Col de Py and then a fantastic fast push back down the valley to Dalou. My only issues were my bits n pieces (no surprise there), my left hamstring which appears to be suffering from a mild strain (probably brought on by yesterday's potager potterings) and an intermittent twinge on the inside of my left knee. But I'll live. Not only that, but I fully intend to have another outing on Filly (yes, I know, how sad, I have given my bike a name!) very soon.


Lee said...

Where did you see that might be snow end of next week?

penny said...

Had an alert through from for Guzet for next Thursday/Friday

Lee said...

Shame it closes this weekend!