Sunday, 17 October 2010


I made a late sowing of 'Fly Away' carrots in August. I had a spare patch of earth that I couldn't bear to see empty and it has produced some of the tastiest carrots that I have ever grown! I pulled the majority of the crop (around 2.5 kgs) for storage today and they are big, firm, untainted carrots that are now washed and dried and ready for stashing away for winter useWe're having a rough spell of weather at the moment - cold, wet and windy with a sharp dip in the temperatures. Indoor jobs time, methinks, and time to start planning for our relocation down to Fougax for the winter. Lots to do!

The legs are still very painful, but I am hoping that by Tuesday when the sun is forecast to make a return, I shall be fit for an outing on the bike.


gabriele gray said...

Beautiful carrots! You must have lovely soil for them to be so cylindrical and stout.
Sorry to hear about the returning leg problem and even more about the bothersome workers next door.
Glad you sent them off to work where they were supposed to, NOT where it was convenient for them.
They may not like it but they wouldn't respect you if you let them get away with it. Just remind them that they wouldn't allow it
chez-eux,n'est ce pas?
Perhaps time to put up small markers to better delineate the boundary between votre and les autres...esp since someone else will be staying there.

penny said...

The problem with these workers are that they are young Spanish/Catalan lads who simply don't think ..... they emptied their wheelbarrow of render wash-out straight onto my herb patch before I was able to stop them, obviously thinking they were a load of weeds :-( As for the boundary between our house and les voisins, it really couldn't be clearer as you can see from the photo on this blog entry! Gah!