Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Time out

I have been away for a couple of days. I have mentioned in previous posts the increasingly severe problem that I am experiencing with the illiotibial band in my legs when I run even short distances on level, firm surfaces. After the last 'episode' which left me pretty much crippled for three days after a short run that I have done many times before, it was clear I was going to have to resort to seeing an 'expert' if I was ever going to be able to run properly again. Pat's timing was perfect. She needed to make an appointment to see her superb osteopath down near Perpignan again and asked whether I would like an appointment too. YES PLEASE!!!

It proved to be a very valuable 1 hour appointment (preceded by a very nice goat's cheese salad and glass of rosé - yum!) in which we established 1) I have no significant muscular imbalances and more importantly 2) the increasingly severe problems in the ITB tract are caused by overly tight gluteus medius muscles which can be resolved with some quite specific stretches, although it is going to take some weeks for it to all be released sufficiently for me to be free of any discomfort when I run. But at last I have grounds for optimism and can afford to get excited about the imminent prospect of running again!! Yay!

It's quite a trek down to Perpignan but fortunately the trip is made bearable by the fantastic Languedoc-Roussillon vineyards. We took this perfect opportunity to pop into Case de Pene near Maury on the way back to taste and stock up on some truely delicious wines. The wine racks are now full :-)

I stayed at Pat and Kev's overnight and with an improvement in the weather, Pat and I headed out for a roadie ride today which turned into a cracking outing of just under 80kms/1300m+ in 3 hrs 30 min. It was good to finally do the climb up to Montsegur from Belesta which was on my 'yet to do' ticklist. It was no pushover with the gradient ramping up in the final 3 or 4 kms but we reached the col just as the weather was starting to close in and the black clouds indicating that a downpour was imminent. After a brief stop to jacket-up and take a photo, we legged it back down to Lavelanet and from there back to Pat's. Although tired when we arrived back, the legs had done well and felt strong despite the undulating nature of the circuit which is all good news. Full stats on the usual site.Tomorrow, we have got an English couple coming to view the house. On the face of it, Pissou and they seem like a perfect match, but we will have to see how they feel after their visit. Keep fingers crossed for us!

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