Friday, 29 October 2010


Well, it's downright bonkers, so it is! I opened the door this morning, bracing myself in anticipation of the chilly air to which I have become accustomed recently. Instead, I was greeted by a mild, a very mild waft of air as I let the dog out. During the day it just got warmer - shorts and T-shirt weather at the end of October??! What's that all about then?! The warm air has been accompanied by strong gusts of wind at times and some fantastic cloud formations this eveningWe have been doing more work on Sadie today. The washbasin is now adorned with the very natty foldaway tap unit, the hot and cold water pipes are attached and the waste pipe likewise. Everything is very neatly and very firmly fixed within the frame of the bathroom wallThe frame for the front is also now slotted into place, but will not be fixed until the waterproof pannelling is attached
Tomorrow, we are heading down to Fougax with a load of wood and to get the internet set up ready for our moving in on Monday. Hopefully there will be no hiccups!

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