Saturday, 23 October 2010

Cracking on with cracking on

It is a week until we move down to Fougax for the winter. Weeks pass quickly in these parts and there is much to do in the coming one. The weather has been gloriously balmy (up to 20 degrees) over the past 2 days and the urge to get out on the roadies has been a strong one. But the focus of our attention has to be Sadie, as we struggle to make as much progress on her transformation as possible whilst we are still here with our pile of plywood, circular saw, table saw and miscellaneous other tools and bits of equipment that we are loathe to transport down to our new abode. But sure and definite progress is being made as this photo testifiesWith the bed boxes and the back panels now fixed into place, the windowframes boxed out and the rear doors insulated and ply-pannelled, she is starting to feel like a campervan for the first time...... which is really quite exciting! Work on the construction of the shower/toilet cubicle, on the kitchen units and the overhead cupboards cannot start until we get hold of more timber for the frames, so that will be next week's big push.

We are due for a spell of much colder weather early in the coming week and there are even rumours of snow down to 1100m. I wonder if it will materialise?

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