Saturday, 16 October 2010

I spoke too soon

After yesterday evening's buoyant post about how good my legs felt after our walk, I now feel like deleting everything that I posted :-( I shall now be doing sod all in terms of exercise over the coming days as I am once again in a lot of discomfort. Frustrated and pissed off? Moi? Hell yeah. A glass or two of some of the lovely Languedoc-Roussillon Villages wine that I brought back the other day is however helping to ease the pain. Santé.


Sallys Chateau said...

you cant beat a glass of Languedoc wine!

penny said...

Too right Sally! Red, white, rosé - love 'em all! I'm hoping to pop in to Maury to do some sampling next time we head down to Perpignan

gabriele gray said...

This is off the main subject, but concerned with walking.
Don't know if you are aware that you can receive a daily email from Ariege News (in French) with links to the main items of interest.
Today the email listed a link to news of a warm spring on the GR10 near Merens, with free accesss.
It just sounded like something who loves to explore the area should be told about, and you (and Sadie) seemed the appropriate people.
I hope you're already aware of quite the opposite of the newspaper, but still good info.
Hope the leg continues to improve and until then wine as prescribed...

penny said...

Thanks for that link Gabriele - I love the area around Mérens and didn't know about the warm spring there. I must check it out sometime soon. I have heard of the aude flyer as some friends advertise in it.