Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sun and Sadie

The weather has perked up somewhat over the past couple of days - cold mornings but some wonderful warmth from the sun, particularly this afternoon. We have been working on the bed/seating boxes for Sadie and, yesterday afternoon, created the two basic boxes....
...which, after this afternoon's efforts, are now ready to fix into place with their hinged lids
The wheel arches are now framed and insulated so we shouldn't have any cold-spots in the back of the van. The gas box (the bespoke manufactured aluminium container which will contain the gas bottles), fits neatly into the rear right box .....which is a relief. Progress is being made. How luxurious to be able to fit what will be a king-size bed into a camper-van!

We managed to snatch a quick ride on the mountain bikes this morning, on the route forestière over the other side of the Col de Port. Only 8kms, but the fast blast back along the track made up for the silly section of 'get off n push' near the start. It's a lovely track which takes you to just below Pic de la Pic de la Journalade on good tracksI have a new saddle on my mountain bike which, after today's brief outing, feels like a great improvement on my old one which was a wide, gel-filled lady's saddle apparently 'built for comfort', but totally contrary to my actual sit-bone arrangement. My new saddle is much narrower and firmer and I am hoping will give me more comfort on longer rides, strange though that may sound. But, ladies, bigger is not necessarily better!!


Pedalling Polarcherry said...

hi Pen,

i've used the charge saddle - its good. but bizarrely overnight my bum must have changed so i got an even firmer perch. (SLK ladies)

like the look of Sadie, only question is where will the biks go now you have a king size luxury bed? :) or are you sleeping cuddling them? :)

penny said...

Both roadies and mtbs will be firmly affixed to the 'four bike' carrier on the back of the van, complete with special bike covers and everything!