Monday, 4 October 2010


Especially for mum - this is the little house where we will be spending the coming winter
Not a bad little spot, set back from a little village at 500m alt, with Plateau de Sault and its nordic skiing 15 mins up the road, the Mont d'Olmes ski centre 25 mins away, more road biking and mountain biking from the door than you can shake a stick at and walks/runs galore. Excited? Moi?!

More work on Sadie yesterday, with her rear bumper and bodywork now sorted. From thisto this after rust this with the new bumper fitted. The kink is the natural shape of the rear of the vehicle, by the way
She's looking a tad smarter, n'est-ce pas?

Today, I have mostly been making these, according to a Larousse recipe, so they really are authentically French!
It's the first time I have made crême patissière and I am really pleased with how it turned out - lovely flavour, lovely consistency and the autumn-fruiting raspberries that I have grown from canes brought over from mum's garden last year are just delicious.


gabriele gray said...

I've stayed and travelled in that area so it seems familiar, even if I can't put a name to it. Hope it turns out to be a wonderful stay.
If you're heading up toward Montferrier (Mont d'Olmes, etc) check out L'Escale Restaurant on the left just before Montferrier. Cook is French, partner is from UK--really nice people, Steph & Andy.
They were still getting the place together during my last visit. If you have visitors and are taking them about, a pasture a little ways further on has a couple of Meren horses to admire, too.
Hope all goes well, esp with the knee--having a dodgy one myself I sympathise.

Jo said...

Ooooooh! The cottage looks fab!

penny said...

It's in the village of Fougax et Barrineuf, Gabriele, on the road up to Montsegur and I think the cottage is one of the original ones in the village, as it is over 300 years old and is in THE perfect position to get max sunlight even in the winter!

I will certainly check out the restaurant in Montferrier - thanks for the recommendation :-D