Thursday, 28 October 2010


Phew no. 1) It has been 17 degrees in the shade and into the mid 20s in the sun today, clear blue sky, fantastic autumnal weather. Phew no. 2) It's been a tad non-stop for the past few days hence my slight lack of blogging!

Sunday/Monday, the spell of cold, wintery weather did indeed land on us, but fortunately the snow held off and we were just treated to sleety showers which wasn't altogether pleasant. But it quickly passed, clearer skies returned and on Tuesday, we headed 'over the other side' in Sadie to pick up some construction timber for the cupboards and bathroom structures, taking advantage of the improved weather to get in a ride on the roadies with 'the gang'. Pat, however, was paying the price for doing an intense circuit training programme with Kev the night before and had very tired legs, which was a shame, as it was a lovely undulating circuit of just over 76kms and 800m of ascent, with some lovely views towards Mont d'OlmesI was feeling strong and really enjoyed the riding, but it had been really hard to choose the right kit to wear, as there was a sharp, nippy wind and the general air temperature was only into the low teens. The sun, however, was really warm and I quickly realised that neoprene overboots were in fact far too toasty for the conditions! Stats on the usual site.

Yesterday and today have once again seen us giving Sadie our undivided attention. The over-cab storage cupboard is now done....
and today, we have done a dry fit of the wet-room (hah, do you like what I did there?!!).We have a slight spanner in the works in that, due to a misunderstanding, we have bought the wrong Thetford toilet. The cassette cannot in fact be changed from the current right (as you look at it) opening, to a left opening as we had been led to believe, and we can't simply swap the bathroom layout because of issues with the door opening, so a new toilet will have to be ordered and the old one flogged on eBay next time we are back in the UK. The fold-away washbasin that we have mounted above the toilet, however, is a success. The high density/impact 1mm thick polystyrene sheets that we have ordered will clad the interior of the cubicle to give a waterproof finish.

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