Tuesday, 19 October 2010


It's a great country - no, it really is. It has loads going for it and a quality of life envied by many. But.....it (or rather its general population ... although I may be generalising) really isn't doing itself any favours at the moment. The country's objection to the Sarkozy government's intention to increase the pensionable age to 62 from 60 has been making itself felt in no uncertain terms. Up (or down, depending on where you are) here in the sticks, we have, up until now, been blissfully unaffected by the issue. We filled up with diesel without any problem down in Foix on Saturday without any problem, whereas today many pumps are now empty and petrol station queues are common thanks to the ongoing blockade of the distribution depots in France. One has to wonder how long it will be before the majority of petrol stations will be 'dry'.

Today, France has been on 'general strike', which can mean many things. But Foix used the excuse to block off the main traffic thoroughfare through the town with a sit down 'protest' and to send militant idiots onto the streets and roads who were intent on 'getting across their message' in an incredibly confrontational manner which, quite frankly, did nothing for their cause. In fact, the woman who attempted to block our passage in the car was a hair's breadth from getting herself runover. The town was a mess of toilet roll and paper which some poor sod is now going to have to tidy up. If the protestors are hoping to get more people onside through their actions then I am afraid they are failing miserably.

Anyway, rant over. On a brighter note, it's been a beautiful autumnal day today with snow down to 1500mWe had a very enjoyable roadie outing with 'the gang' in beautiful, crips autumnal weather today. It was short, just 54kms, but with Pat, Fréd and I plus the boyz Andy, Kev and Cédric it was a very convivial outing, but still with plenty of chances for 'attaque!' as felt necessary ;-) Good fun! Stats on the usual site.

We head down to Fougax to our 'winter residence' (doesn't that sound grand!) in 2 weeks time and I am SO excited about the biking opportunities for the winter and about the possibility of having a more sociable time through the darker months. I am being very conscientious about my stretching and the legs are feeling better already, so I am looking forward to some walks/jogs on flatter terrain when we get down there. From there, I need to pick up my game, as I have my eye on the Citadelles again in April 2011 ;-)

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