Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Coastal bound

Well, the wind was just as strong this morning so we have had to postpone the roadie outing.... again. But the sun is most definitely dominating the weather now (26 degrees today), so we headed down to the coast which is a little under 1 hour away and a pleasant drive through the 'garrigues' and vineyards of the area. We headed to Leucate and had a short, unhurried walk along tracks, through more vineyards...with views yet again towards Canigou and the Med Coast....
We still had much of the afternoon ahead of us so headed further up the coast to Port-la-Nouvelle with the idea of having a walk around Ile Sainte Lucie, but were greeted by a sign advising that the island was shut due to important maintenance work to the access point. Thwarted. Port-la-Nouvelle is a main landing point for fishing boats that fish in the Mediterranean so we reckoned it would be a fine idea to hang around for a couple of hours until the shops reopened and take home some super fresh seafood. To kill time, we mooched along the coast to the salt flats where the kite-surfers were having an amazing time in the gusty winds
Then back to Port-la-Nouvelle where we acquired a 'Plateau de coquillage' which was a mixture of huge oysters, mussels, prawns, a couple of langoustines, small clams and whelks which we demolished this evening accompanied by a squeeze of lemon juice and some aioli, washed down with a quite exceptional but not at all expensive bottle of white L'Ancien Comté 2008 from the Mont Tauch vineyards 3 miles up the road at Tuchan. Cheers!

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Pedalling Polarcherry said...

wow! so jealous of your lifestyle you git! x