Sunday, 27 June 2010

Meet Sadie

Allow me to introduce SadieSadie, as those of you who have been paying attention will recall, is the long wheel base Mercedes Sprinter that Andy brought back from the UK recently. She has quite probably been feeling somewhat neglected and lost while we have been away in the Aude, so today we gave her some much needed attention. She came complete with bulkhead and somewhat raggedy ply pannelling inside.The bulkhead had to go in order to open up the space so Andy drilled out the rivets that held it in place and then we got cracking on unscrewing the ply panelsThe result is a more open, bright space. Next step, cleaning the floor base and the start of electrical, plumbing and gas installation. Watch this space!

Today, I have also been reacquainting myself with the potager which is in need of my serious attentions. The wet and then very warm weather of the past 10 days has resulted in some serious growth. So the secateurs and twine were deployed in order to bring the tomato plants under control and the onions and shallots were freed from the grasp of the weeds that were threatening to overwhelm them. After this afternoon's thunderstorm and rainfall, the soil was once again loose enough for me to make a second sowing of French beans and carrots and the potatoes were banked up. I have picked my first raspberries today which are allegedly autumn-fruiting canes but they must have been confused by May and June's bonkers weather patterns. I am not complaining! The fruit is delicious.

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Jo said...

Bonjour Sadie! Enchantée :)