Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Small fluffy white clouds

Hah! I wish! But oh no, this cloud is one big mamma, smothering us in it's grey wetness. It is accompanied by a damp coldness that one would associate more with autumn than with early summer. Thoroughly unpleasant and, quite frankly, pretty depressing. After 2 or 3 days of being confined to the house, I needed exercise.... and so did the pooch. So a short drive higher up into the cloud to the Col de Peguère for a run along the wonderfully wide grassy verge... up the little path through the woods ...to the Cap de Campets..... the sun was desperately trying to fight through the cloud but it clearly wasn't trying hard enough... ...down to the Col de Portel and back along the grassy verge to Peguère.

A short outing of just 6.5kms with 172m of height gain in 42 mins, but I tried to push harder, particularly on the gentler downhill gradient of the return leg from Col de Portel to Peguère, in order to make the outing worthwhile. Felt good. Stats on the usual site

There is no sign of an end to this shitty weather. I am hoping it will be better down towards the coast for our holiday next week. It had better be as I want to get back on the road bike. Fingers crossed.

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PigletinFrance said...

It looks like the cloud is chasing you in those photos - very spooky!

Hope you have a nice holiday and fingers crossed the weather is better...