Saturday, 12 June 2010

Nowt thrilling

Today has mostly been about shifting wood (bringing cherry logs down from the top chemin to be stored and dried on the front terrasse), tidying the front terrasse which is taking on jungle-esque proportions, tidying the climbing rose which has almost finished flowering and then finally having a brief but fast run with the pooch along the Peguere forest track and back (1 min faster (16 instead of 17 mins) on the uphill outward leg, before a swift about turn and a thorough soaking on the return run. Good fun. Tonight, I am mainly scoffing mini artisanal meringues (raspberry, strawberry, coffee and vanilla flavour - oh my word, porky me!) and trying to avoid any mention of something called football on the various social media sites which I frequent - now that is a formidable task! The weather forecast for the coming week is poor, very poor. Which is disappointing.

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