Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Working on Sadie

The outfit who previously owned Sadie were Vinyl flooring specialists. Unfortunately, at some point, a tub of glue had gone over in the van and its contents had seeped under the bulkhead to settle on the floor behind the seats and down onto and underneath the side door's step. It was basically one sticky, gooey, horrible mess that needed cleaning up before work can start on the interior. It was a horrible job but it had to be doneThis morning, Andy swapped the British headlights for the French ones and while the lights were out, took the opportunity to tackle the dents around the driver's side unit
A bit of strategic thumping/panel beating with the hammer and the corner is ready for filling and paintingThen it was time to tackle the first window.... a job that Andy has not been looking forward to as so much can go wrong when installing bonded windows. But following a great deal of research on the internet, confidence levels were high and the jig saw was deployed. And voilà!At that point, having failed miserably to get in a run yesterday, it was time for me to get my ass into gear while there was some cloud cover, so I headed up to Peguere with the pooch for a rematch with the 6.55km Col de Peguere/Cap des Campets circuit that I last did on the 15 June. It was a good run and I knocked 1 min 20 secs off my previous time. Stats here as usual.

Then, back to Pissou and time to fit the new window. I think it looks fantastic! The masking tape will come off in the morning when the adhesive has gone off.Only the two windows on the other side of the van and the two smaller rear windows to tackle next! But having windows installed makes Sadie look much less like a utility vehicle and more like the budding comfort leisure vehicle that she is destined to become!

Tomorrow, if the weather plays the game, we will hopefully head down to Saint-Girons to tackle the Col du Portet d'Aspet on the roadies. Excellent!

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