Wednesday, 23 June 2010

On the roadies at last

True to forecast, the strong winds drifted away overnight and left us with a glorious day today with temperatures into the high 20s. Now, don't get the idea that there was NO wind as that would have been too good to be true. Oh no, on our roadie circuit today we encountered a couple of nasty little headwinds and their not so pleasant sister the sidewind but it all added to the variety of the outing. And my goodness, if anybody out there is looking for a good area for a road bike holiday in France then this area of the Aude department has to be it. It is quite simply stunning. It has everything a roadie rider could hope, from beautiful, tranquil riding on single track lanes through the vineyards, to steady climbs up not too extreme gradients for a super-fast descent through breathtakingly beautiful scenery. Now, my apologies, but I have no photos to show you from today's outing because my camera battery died and the quality of my mobile camera is, well, rubbish. But we do intend to repeat the route in the car before we leave so I will take tons of photos then. You have to see them!

We covered just under 66kms and 728m of ascent. Stats on the usual site.Unfortunately, I am paying the price for not having been on the roadie for a month and for not doing any stretching for the past week and my legs refused to give what I was asking of them during the ride, which led to a frustratingly slow outing. But a stretching session this afternoon and another in the morning will hopefully loosen up the muscles enough to make the next roadie outing more productive not to mention enjoyable.


Nadege said...

I was looking at the pictures from previous postings. You live in a beautiful region. The air seems very pure and clean.

penny said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Nadège. Which part of France did you used to live in? The Ariège where we live has the purest mountain air that you can imagine and is indeed stunningly beautiful.