Friday, 4 June 2010

Hot potterings

While it was still relatively cool this morning, I set about the potager, pulling the rocket and mustard that has gone to flower (all very pretty, especially the yellow flowers of the mustard, but darn it, I need the space!), weeding and tidying ready for another batch of sowing tomorrow morning. Baby carrots, more beetroot, greens, turnips and more rocket will probably go in.

This afternoon, I had a session with the mower in an attempt to tame the developing jungle that is either side of the potager. Morris is a powerful beast, petrol-fuelled and with a strong will. It takes strong arms and strong hands to control him when he gets going. Just the kind of machine we need here. But we worked well together and the grass now resembles a lawn cut with nail scissors. OK, I jest. But it is does look a whole lot better. Obviously. The job had gone so well that I was feeling really quite brave, so Morris and I went on a little outing along the chemin above the house that I walk along every day with the pooch which was desperately in need of a trim. Morris coped admirably and an alley has now been cleared the length of the chemin which is probably 300m long. What a team. But enough was enough. The temperature had reached, oh, I dunno, high 30s in the sun and I was dripping in sweat and ready for a lie down. But I made do with a cold shandy - admittedly it wasn't yet beer o'clock but hell, I had earnt it!


Pedalling Polarcherry said...

some of my rockets gone to flower too Penny - oh wise green finger one - does that mean its no good to eat? or can i trim it back?

penny said...

If it's gone to seed the leaves taste v bitter I am afraid Adele :-( Best get some more sown pronto! I usually make 3 or 4 sowings throughout the season - love rocket!