Saturday, 11 July 2009

le Tour (part deux)

Well, John finally arrived at Pissou at 02.00 last night after departing from Zeebrugge at 09.00 yesterday morning - 17 hours on the road!!! But he did travel on a public holiday Friday and encountered half of Paris escaping the city at lunchtime! So today, rather than biking up to the Col d'Agnes to watch the Tour come through (a bit of a grind at the best of times), we had a meander up to the Col de Port to watch the race from the same spot from which we watched the race two years ago. This is John and I posing at the 'summit' point.... as you do!The weather was perfect, sunny but with a slight breeze and not too hot. I took some movie clips with my new Canon which I will upload tomorrow once I have installed my new software. It has been a thrilling race so far and it was good to see the Astana guys at the head of the main peloton again. The atmosphere today was brilliant (as it always is as the Tour passes) and it was good to see the Couserans area on the TV in the Auberge at the Col de Port as the race made it's way up to the Col d'Agnes. I found the discussion about the pronounciation of Agnès and the river Salat (should the final consonant be pronounced or not?!) intriguing. In this area, the final consonant IS pronounced which is contrary to the general French way. Sometimes it's fun to be different ;-)

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Les suédois said...

And we who desperately looked for you on the screen at étang de Lers...! :-) At home in Täby, we had discussions about Agnes (or Agnès). Do you know how it is spelled? Often the names are spelled wrong! For exempel Pinsou near Aleu is officially called Pinson on the maps!