Wednesday, 1 July 2009

That's shallot!

At the end of October, I planted some shallot sets. Today, they were ready for harvesting. And quite a harvest it has been!
The potager has been plagued by voles over recent weeks. Fortunately the shallots escaped their attentions, although they have destroyed my garlic crop and have now started on the carrots. We have set traps but they don't take the bait .... why should they when they have a fully-stocked underground larder!!

Today, I have sown more spinach and will hopefully clear the ground where the shallots and garlic were later in the week ready for more planting. Quite what I shall plant, I don't yet know!

1 comment:

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

wahoo. thats so cool. I can't wait until we can harvest & eat our first veggies.

you'll have to let the voles off for munching your crops though, they are cute :)