Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Some more potager success today, when I discovered that the pesky voles had actually left half a dozen garlic bulbs untouched. I dug up the lovely big fat bulbs and they are now curing in the hot daytime sun. They smell wonderfully garlicky and I can't wait until we can use them in our cooking. Just a shame I don't have more bulbs to show for my autumnal efforts!The shallots that have been curing in the kitchen for the past 3 weeks are now ready to be stored and look fantasticI also dug up all of the leeks today as they were showing signs of going to seed. Some are now in the freezer and others are in the fridge for more immediate use. I have also put better support in for the tomatoes and trimmed back much of the excess foliage to give the fruit a chance to ripen. Hopefully soon we will have cherry tomatoes on the menu. I now have enough ripe courgettes (round and long) to make a batch of chutney .... yummy!

While I was busy in the potager, Andy was busy screwing down the decking boards with literally hundreds of screws.... quite a task. We now have an idea of the balustrade look that we want and will be pricing up the wood tomorrow. Hopefully the terrasse will be finished by the end of the coming weekend.

This morning we also had a major tidy up around Pissou, with the lawnmower and strimmer both in action. It was very hot, sweaty work but it was desperately needed as it was starting to resemble a jungle around here!

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