Thursday, 30 July 2009

Projet terminé!

Whilst Andy was down in Foix for his French lesson this afternoon, I cracked on with treating the decking boards which is the final stage of the terrasse project. It took me a few hours but the treated pine was gradually transformed into a lovely warm shade of oak. At last (well, it has only take us 10 days from start to finish!), the terrasse is finished! All that is required now is for some trellis to be put up between the ground and the decking at the steepest end and for some scented climbing plants to be planted. I will also be putting pots of scented plants and flowers on the decking itself to make it a really special place to sit out. Other news is that I dug up my first parsnip this evening as they are looking over-crowded in places. It was a monster, which shows just what good soil I have!True, they taste sweeter after experiencing a frost, but I am sure this one will still taste scrummy and there are plenty more to follow

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