Thursday, 9 July 2009

New toys

We have been very restrained in our spending over recent months, trying to build a bit of a buffer in anticipation of what we thought would be a hefty tax/social charges bill over here. Fortunately, thanks to two excellent accountants, that bill did not materialise so we haven't felt too guilty about spending a little bit of dosh recently! My new compact digital camera arrived today (a Canon Ixus 870 IS in case anybody is interested) to replace my old Fuji which is 4 years old and rapidly on its way out. We have also bought some 'proper' mountain bike helmets and a new brake system for my mountain bike to replace the troublesome unit that came with the bike 4 years ago. So now its time to play! I will be heading over to Justin and Emily's on the bike tomorrow to give J a hand sorting out the house in preparation for Emily's homecoming with their new twins at the w/e and then the TDF on Saturday will give me the opportunity to test the camera. Woo-hoo!

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