Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Le Tour

Well, the weather has been dire here for the past 4 days .... cold (14 degrees today) and very very wet. The potager has had a damn good watering but it is in danger of getting drowned if the weather doesn't clear imminently! We have been avidly watching the Tour de France via the internet (what an exciting few stages we have had so far!) and desperately hoping for a weather break before Saturday when they will be coming from Andorra to Tarascon, up over the Col de Port and down into Massat before climbing back up to the Col d'Agnes and eventually finishing in Saint Girons. Fortunately, the weather does look like it is improving from here onwards, so we intend to cycle on the roadies up to somewhere between the Etang de Lers and the Col d'Agnes from where we can watch the climb. Should be exciting! I'm looking forward to it already!


Les suédois said...

Sympa! Avez vous déjà assisté au tour les années précédentes?

penny said...

Oui! En 2007 juste après notre arrivée à Pissou, on était au Col de Port lors de leur passage. C'était une ambiance incroyable. Cette année je suis beaucoup plus 'à jour' que je ne l'étais il y a deux ans, donc la course sera encore plus 'exciting'! Go Lance!!