Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I have spent most of today on the new terrasse staining/treating the woodwork. It has been hot (nearly 30 degrees in the shade). My back copped rather more sun than was wise but I think I caught it in time and Andy quickly slapped a load of factor 28 on me! Progress has been slow but worthwhile. It is a tedious, painstaking job staining each individual balustrade but it is lovely to see the naked pine transformed into a warm, oakey wood. Photos tomorrow when hopefully I will also have had the chance to stain the baseboards. While I was staining, Andy was constructing a new gate for the front terrace to replace the rotting, collapsing excuse for a gate that the previous owners had put up. Pics tomorrow when I have stained it!

My first job this morning was some clearance in the potager before I sowed some more F1 Nelson carrots and also more spring greens. I have got spare space now that the garlic and leeks are out and am keen to keep the plot working. I still need to sow some little gem lettuce and more spinach and then more leeks will go in hopefully before the weekend. More good news today, my first chillis are appearing so I am at last optimistic that we will get some fruit!

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