Friday, 17 July 2009


Well, the severe weather that was forecasted never materialised, thank goodness. Rain, yes, the odd strong gust too and temps down to 12 degrees today (quite a contrast to yesterday's 33 degrees!), but nothing too severe. The tomato plants have needed support reinforcement but they are doing just fine.

In the meantime, I bumped into Mme la Maire down in Massat earlier in the week. She advised me that the 'autorisation' for our terrasse had finally come through, so we can at last get started on the project at the back of the house. What a relief! However, it looks like we could be taking on another project over the coming months too, which will no doubt compete for our time and energy. We have decided to buy a van and convert it to a campervan, so that we can travel, explore Europe and have some adventures. We will be buying in the UK as secondhand vans are SO much cheaper over there, converting the van there and then bringing it over to France. The favourite at the moment is a long wheel base, high top Mercedes Sprinter which will eventually provide us with spacious living accommodation while we are on the road. Andy has already done a massive amount of research, we are ready to get cracking and I can't wait!

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