Saturday, 18 July 2009

Projet terrasse

The weather cleared overnight to leave us with a cool, overcast day today. Perfect conditions for hole-digging and hopefully we would be able to get some of the corner posts in today. But first we had to clear the area which was covered with weeds, rocks and bits of rotting woodWe have seen various snakes around Pissou over the past month or two (a grass snake and also adders) so we both warily set to, moving rocks and stones to one side. Our first surprise was not a snake but some snake eggs concealed beneath one of the rocks
A little later, close to the house, I moved some more small stones and surprised a young adder, which Andy was able to manoeuvre into a jam jar so that we could safely take some photos of itbefore releasing him a safe distance from the house

Anyway, back to the ground preparation and by the end of the afternoon we actually managed to dig 3 holes and concrete in 3 upright posts, with another 5 yet to do. Progress is being made!

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